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Biometrics Authentication


Our world is privileged to be in the midst of what has been termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many new frontiers are being conquered at unrivalled speeds, opening new horizons that leave a lasting impact on everyday life. The convergence of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and many related innovations in the past five years has brought about profound change and disruption to countries, industries and the people who are part of them.

Urban development is galloping ahead, and there is a corresponding need to ensure the safety of our urban spaces. We need to have at hand proactive solutions to a range of possible threats and that means, in turn, identifying providers with a proven track record in offering safe city solutions.

NEC definitely comes to mind as one such provider because firstly, with years of experience in security solutions, we are a frontrunner in biometrics, video analytics, and big data analytics.

In addition, our technologies are closely aligned with the challenges big organizations face. In fact, NEC offers a plethora of advanced technologies and vertical-focused solutions for a variety of security challenges in different scenarios.

In this brave new world, NEC remains committed to its “Safer City” vision with solutions that offer a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.

Biometrics Technology

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Use case for Biometrics Technology

Identity & Access Control
Law Enforcement
Bank ID Solution