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Submarine Systems

Communications - the nerve system of societies. The evolution of our modern society has been mirrored by the advancement of communications technology.
Today, communications plays an even stronger, more vital role, in connecting continents and people all over the world.At NEC, we provide innovative technical solutions to the challenges of providing ubiquitous and high reliability broadband communications, which empower our customers to meet their clients' needs and wants. With a full portfolio of networking and IT solutions, NEC is truly the 'one stop shop' for all communication needs.

With its long experience in submarine networks, NEC has built a reputation for delivery and performance which puts it at the forefront of the industry. NEC's commitment to innovation results in solutions which embody the latest technological advancements – providing our customers with the most cost-effective solutions for ever-higher global capacity.

Our mission is to assure complete customer satisfaction, and we strive to achieve this through a deeply ingrained culture of quality, through relentless efforts to accomplish on-time delivery, and through our passion to advance the next generation of technology – and the next generation of our global society.